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Commitment, remember why you started!

When you feel like quitting, think about WHY YOU started! Let that sink in, I believe the word Commitment has been cheapened in our society. There are to many people that justify "quitting" they allows their kids to quit sports, because the coach hurt their feelings. There is now such a thing as "starter marriages" which is horrible, when you go into a marriage with the basis if we are not happy in 6 months we will divorce, it is sure to fail. Starting a productive business will take commitment, time and sacrifice. Not 6 weeks or 6 months, allow yourself time build it. In ALL things the "new"will wear off and now you will be left with "work" it is easy to lose focus if you are not committed. Have a decided heart! When it gets tough, and I assure you life gets tough a decided heart will look for a solution, an undecided heart will search for an escape. Some of the best advice in life I was given, the grass will always be greener where you tend to it, so water it, fertilize it, pull the weeds, kill the bugs and then admire the beauty of the landscape you have created! I encourage you to live your best life!! Stay Committed.

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