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Who told you?

As I am sitting here this thought came to mind, WHO TOLD YOU?

Who told you it was ok to quit?

Who told you it was silly to dream big?

Who told you to just take what life handed you?

Maybe it was you, maybe it was someone who should have spoke life into you,

No matter who it was I challenge you today to stop listening to yourself and


I have just spent time with a lady who has listened to herself and others for far to long. As I walked away from our conversation I could only hope I made a difference today.

You see her conversation was one of complete lack, no hope, poverty thinking and living, tears- because lets face it the struggle is real. Kids who are discouraged and full of disappointment and with that I am not ok.

Are we not called to be the providers, the caretakers of our children hopes and dreams?

It is time to be the loudest, most POSITIVE voice in their heads. I am not saying spoil the children and give them everything, however you can do something to give them a chance! We live in the greatest country in the world, the free enterprise system is alive and well and opportunity is literally at your fingertips.

I know its hard, I have been in a place of lack, I made a decision to not camp out there.

We all have the ability to do something great, we must let the spirit within us rise up.

Stop doubting you were made for greatness, you are capable of more no matter what you currently have.

Begin speaking life to YOU and no matter what don’t quit!

Do it afraid, when it is uncomfortable, do it anyway. Find a way to change your circumstances today.

Ask yourself this question,

Are you willing to die for your children? If yes, then why won’t you change for them?

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