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Welcome... we are glad you are here!

Hello, we are excited you are here! Let us introduce ourselves.

I am a wife to an incredible man Rick, mother to two amazing children Dustin, 25 and Hannah, 17. I am also a daughter, sister, friend and business leader. I love to travel, read, write, speak and empower others to believe they were created for greatness. I have found, often people are living a life of existence rather than significance, my mission and passion in life is to help you discover the difference. ~Kerri

Hello I am very excited to have the opportunity to share my heart and what I have learned in life with you! I am a senior in high school, I play volleyball as well as the violin. I also have a jewelry business where I do a lot of custom pieces with all natural leather, pearls and gemstones. You can check out my work at:

When I am not doing all the things above, I can be found at a baseball game, on a beach or spending time with family and friends! ~ Hannah

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