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Today Kerri spends most of her time helping people realize the dreams they have within, create a plan of action, and turn those dreams into reality. She offers incredible leadership and support and believes everyone has a next level! 

Her book “Your Words Create Your World” gives a great understanding of how to live a life that is exceptional, not just ordinary!

She has traveled the world, stepping on all 8 continents (yes there are 8!) and loves playing tennis!!



Kerri & Rick served on the first ever CEO Diamond Council for their company, representing the million plus customers and distributors nationwide. They both served on the Event Committee for the SEAL Legacy Foundation, as board members for RevLove LLC, in ministry at Grace Church of Humble, as well Kerri served nine years on the Wonder Women's Ministry Board at Grace. 

Kerri has served on the board of 1Embrace, Inc. and as President for the National Association of Professional Women Houston Chapter for the past 12  years. She has co-authored two books, “Be Full of Wonder” and “All Things Are Possible”. They are very involved in their community. Members of various other organizations and they are the Founders of The House of Hope. 

"I Can't wait to meet you!"
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